31 Day of Blogtober: The Recap

Green Acres Meets Paris Blogtober 2017 Recap

There were times in the past month that I thought that I could not write another post. I was staying up ’til the wee hours of the morning just to make sure I had a post scheduled for the next day. So in case you may have missed a day here or there, here it is… “31 days of Blogtober: The Recap.”

Day 1: Blogtober, Day 1: Welcome to My “Green Acres” — This day’s post was a bit of an introduction of myself.

Day 2: Celebrating National Consignment Day — I partnered with The RealReal, a luxury online consignment store, to celebrate National Consignment Day.

Stella McCartney has partnered with The RealReal because she feels that “sustainability is important to all of us.”

Day 3: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness — Breast cancer awareness is very close to my heart because I work with a great team {Dr. G & Cindy A.} to help treat women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have held my share of hands, handed them Kleenex, and even shed my fair share of tears for the brave warriors.

Day 4: Man of Style: Charlie Hunnam — This British actor was such a badass as Jax on Sons of Anarchy, and he is such a good looking “man of style.”

Day 5: Celebrate Autumn with this Fall Bucket List — It’s still not too late to check off some of these cool Fall experiences!

Day 6: Fall Fashion Inspirations: October 2017 — This was a look at some of the fashion inspirations that are inspiring my style this Fall.

Day 7: What’s in My Bag, ft. Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis — Ever wonder what someone is carrying in their purse? In this post, I spill the contents {or strategically place them} of my bag. And yes, I’m still carrying this LV Pochette Metis bag today.

I have a tendency to over-stuff my bags, but these are my current “essentials”.

Day 8: Six Pumpkin Spice Recipes to Try this Fall — If you want your house to smell like Fall, then head into the kitchen and try one of these pumpkin spice recipes.

Day 9: Steal Her Style: Jessica Alba — Jessica has such amazing style. In this post, I show you how to steal her easy Fall look.

Day 10: A Night of Texas at the Ryman — Seeing Aaron Watson at the Ryman was an early 19th anniversary gift to my husband, who is a huge fan of his.

Day 11: Wanderlust Wednesday: Scotland — This post was inspired by my friend, Marcy, who loves Scotland. In researching this lovely country for this post, I can see why she loves this place so much.

Day 12: Who is on Your Celebrity Crush List? — There are just some celebrities who we crush on, and I’ve named my top male and female celebrity crushes.

Day 13: 10 Stylish Booties for Fall — I’m on the hunt for the right pair of booties for Fall, and in this post, I linked to some of my favorite stylish booties.

Day 14: What I Wore: A Look Back at my Dress Form Outfits — My antique dress form played a huge role during the first year of my blog, and it has been featured in dozens of posts since then. In this post, I take a look at some of those outfits I styled on my dress form.

Day 15: Know Thyself: Personal Growth in 25 Questions, Part 1 — This was part one of two posts in a personal growth experience questionnaire. I hope that you’ll take time to answer these questions for yourself.

Day 16: Six TV Characters with Wardrobes I’d Love to Steal — I have major closet envy and would love to steal the wardrobes of these uber stylish TV characters.

Day 17: Fun Fall Date Ideas to Last all Season — After 19 year of married life and almost 21 years together, date night is important to us. I even tell other couples how important date night is to keeping the spark in your marriage or dating life. There are plenty of fun date ideas to last you all Fall.

Day 18: Women of Style: JHUD and Miley — I am officially addicted to this season of The Voice, and especially to the talented judges, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. They both have amazing, and unique styles, which is why I named both of this as “women of style.”

Day 19: Six Fall-Inspired DIY Beauty Treatments — Pumpkin spice is not just for baking. It can be used in tons of at-home beauty treatments. In this post, I feature six wonderful and easy DIY beauty treatments.

Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

Day 20: Overhaul your Fitness Goals this Fall — Fall is the time to start overhauling your fitness goals, and in this post, I give you some fitness tips to help you get a jump on revamping your fitness routine.

Day 21: Dinner Party with the Cast of Will & Grace — I loved Will & Grace when it first aired and was so excited when they brought the cast back together and rebooted the show, which is why I threw this {imaginary} dinner party for Will & Grace & Jack & Karen!

Will & Grace & Jack & Karen

Day 22: Know Thyself: Personal Growth in 25 Questions, Part 2 — This is part two of my personal growth experience.

Day 23: Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses — I have found wearing makeup a bit tricky, especially since I wear glasses. In this post, I share some tips for those of us gals who wear glasses.

Day 24: What to Wear: Denim and Plaid — I love denim and plaid. In this post, I share some fashion inspiration on how to wear this combo.

ways to wear denim & plaid

Day 25: When Fashion Meets Finance — This was a sponsored guest post and included some great tips on how to look stylish without breaking the bank.

Day 26: Wearing Burgundy in the Fall — This jewel-toned color is such a beautiful color for Fall. In this post, I show you some styling ideas to inspire you to wear this color.

Day 27: What does Sisterhood Mean to You? — After reading an article in the November issue of Glamour, I asked myself what sisterhood means to me. So I posed this question to you with the hope that you embraced your sisters near and far.

Glamour Zendaya November 2017

Day 28: Links I Love: October — This post featured some links I loved reading this past month, all of which were written by some of my favorite bloggers, like Courtney Kerr, Grace Atwood, and Kat Tanita.

Day 29: How to Fill Your Life with Hygge — Enjoying the simple pleasures in life is the cornerstone of the hygge lifestyle, and thanks to the Danes for introducing it into my life! In this post, I share the Hygge Manifesto and show you how to incorporate the hygge way of life into your daily lives.

Hygge is meant to be felt

Day 30: Layering 101: Your Favorite Dress over Pants — I am really love this “dress-over-pants” trend and in this post, I share some fashion inspirations and some tips on how you can rock this stylish trend this Fall.

dress over pants trend

Day 31: Wanna Work off that Halloween Candy? There’s an App for that! — For this last post of Blogtober 2017, I partnered with the audio fitness app, Aaptiv, to not only some fitness hacks to help you work off that Halloween candy, but to bring you an EXCLUSIVE 30-day Halloween trial code for Aaptiv. Check the original post for the exclusive code.

Now as we move into November, I may not post every day, but I will hope that you’ll bookmark some of these posts to read when you are practicing the art of hygge on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Yours Truly,

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