Layering 101: Your Favorite Dress over Pants

In the past, I have seen actresses walk the Red Carpet rocking a beautiful dress over a stylish pair of pants, but they’ve also been wearing haute couture pieces that are not necessarily “every day wear”.

Red Carpet looks: dress over pants
Pictured: Elizabeth Banks (left) and Emma Watson (right)

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Now it seems that layering your favorite dress over pants is one of the Fall’s biggest trends, not only for wearing to parties, but for wearing to work or for just running around town.

We think it’s ultra fashionable and trendy to layer your favorite dress over pants, but women in Indian, Pakistan, and South Asia have been beautifully layering dresses over pants for generations.

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Over the past few years, layering a dress over pants or jeans has been an evolving trend in America, as it is basically an extension of the “statement top with jeans” look.

But if you’re keen on trying this tricky trend for yourself, then here are a few tips to help you master this clever layered look.

  1. With this trend, three seems like the perfect number. Just layer your favorite dress (1) over a pair of skinny jeans (2) and then add some mules or ankle boots (3) to complete your outfit.
  2. Try a waterfall hem. This silhouette gives us just a peek at your trousers while the hemline adds some warmth to the season.
  3. Pair a short sparkly mini-dress over a sleek pair of pants for work, then you can pull the pants off for that after-work party with friends.
  4. Wear a wrap dress, or a dress with hip-high splits, over a pair of statement trousers.

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Cordelia Tai of The Fashion Spot, says that “the key to pulling off the ultimate no-longer-summer-but-not-quite-fall look is balance.” Here are some of her suggestions for pulling off this trend.

  1. Dress up your outfit with ladylike, leg-lengthening heels.
  2. Pair dresses in lighter materials (chiffon, silk) with weightier bottoms (denim, velvet).
  3. If your frock is especially flared, reach for pants of a similar silhouette. (In general, you want to avoid skintight bottoms unless they’ve got standout accents like slits, stirrups or a center seam.)
  4. Don’t forget to size up. Worn over pants, fitted dresses tend to look forced and bulky, whereas smock-like, oversized silhouettes create a more streamlined look.
  5. If you’re still feeling lost, a matching/tonal dress-trousers set is an especially easy way to dip your toes in the trend.
  6. And finally, when it comes to outerwear, opt for a structured jacket or a coat with a hemline that matches that of your dress. This’ll keep your ensemble looking chic and neat, rather than thrown together.

dress over pants trend

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Are you ready to rock this trend? Or are you already layering your favorite dresses over pants or jeans? Do you have any style tips for pulling of this “dress over pants” trend? As always, I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below!

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