Wanderlust Wednesday: Scotland

My friend, Marcy, has raved about the beauty and history of Scotland. In fact, she took her niece to Scotland a couple of years ago and returned with her nephew just this past summer. She fell in love with this country when she was in college, which may be one reason why her love of Scotland runs deep.

Scotland is the U.K.’s northernmost country, and is the land of mountain wildernesses {think of the Highlands in the Starz series, Outlander, with the sexy Scotsman Sam Heughan}, interspersed with glacial glens {valleys} and lochs {lakes}. And guess what the national animal is… go on, take a guess. Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s a unicorn! How cool is that!?!

So when I was looking for a place to feature in this month’s Wanderlust Wednesday post, I looked to some of my friend’s recent vacation photos, including Marcy’s, and instantly knew I had to feature the beautiful country of Scotland.

So why should you visit Scotland? Why should this beautiful country be on your bucket list? Paul and Paula, of Must Visit Destinations, lists ten really great reasons why Scotland should be on your bucket list. They say that “Scotland is not all haggis, kilts, and bagpipes.”

One must-see place is the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye where the waterfalls cascade into turquoise pools of water. Another place to visit while in Scotland is the Orkney Islands, which have Neolithic tombs, stone circles, and monuments. You’ll also see a lot of wildlife on the Orkney Islands, including adorable puffin colonies. If you want to see castles, then take the Castle Trail where you’ll see no less than 17 best-preserved castles Scotland has to offer.

There are two large cities in Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh. Liza and Pepe of Tripsget put together a list of “free things to do” in Edinburgh, like going for a free walking tour of the city where you can take a “brutally honest walk through Edinburgh’s history.” You can also visit Edinburgh University and Scottish Parliament for free.

Other beautiful sites to see include Holyrood Abbey

And the Cave of Melody

And Eilean Donan Castle.

When planning your trip to Scotland, think outside the box when it comes to accommodations. Look into staying at a B&B, or try glamping, or stay somewhere unusual like a castle, a church or a boat. If you trace your ancestry to Scotland, then visit the place where your ancestors once lived, find out which clan your ancestors belonged, and learn about your surname Scottish surname.

Looking for other things to do? Then take a whisky tour, try some traditional Scottish food, visit the farmer’s market, or plan your trip around one of the foodie festivals.

What’s so great about Scotland? First {and I think, most important} is the sexy Scottish accents, which are truly splendid. Tartans were banned for decades in the highlands, but now they are freely worn. There are also so many wonderful combinations and colors. I know some people may not understand {or appreciate} the sound of bagpipes, but they are really heartbreakingly beautiful. Take a trip to Inverness and Loch Ness and take a boat cruise around the Loch, and don’t forget to look for the Loch Ness monster! For more reasons on why Scotland is so great, then read Lauren Perry’s post on Thought Catalog.

If you’re not planning a trip to Scotland, then get your Scottish fix by checking out these movies {which were filmed in Scotland}: Rob Roy {“All men with honor are kings. But not all kings have honor.”} and Braveheart {“They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”}. Or check out the Starz original series, Outlander. I also like the Disney Pixar animated movie, Brave, because most of the backdrops were inspired by real locations in Scotland and Scottish treasures. Also watch Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 classic, The 39 Steps, based on the novel by Scottish author John Buchans.

Have you been to Scotland, or are you currently planning a trip to this beautiful country? If so, let me know about your trip – what you liked, where you went, what you saw/did/ate. I’d love for you to share your stories in the comment section below!

Yours Truly,

{All images borrowed from Pinterest, but original sources are linked; feature image borrowed from Flickr.}

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