Oh How I Love Dress Forms!

I have always loved dress forms, whether they be vintage or antique dress forms or wire-framed dress forms. I even like those mini dress forms you see at Hobby Lobby. So needless to say, I was super excited when I received one for Christmas a few years ago. I have used that dress form in my blog, as part of my “Dress Form Outfit” posts.

Unlike the dress forms in this post, my dress form is fully functional. I can adjust every part of my dress form. I can make the chest larger or smaller, and in my case, I can make the hips larger (never smaller). This way I can see how an outfit will look on my body size, which is “curvy”!

Because I am fascinated with dress forms, I sometimes sit on the couch and look at dress forms on Pinterest to see how other people are styling dress forms. So today was no different. I pulled a few photos from Pinterest of rooms that feature a dress form.

I love how this desk has been turned into a vanity/dressing table, but mostly I love the dress form.

Photo taken from Pinterest

I really love this dressing room and how the dress form is on wheels so you can move it. Having a dress form in a dressing room like this is perfect, especially when you’re trying to put an outfit together.

Photo taken from Pinterest

I love this Tiffany blue dress form. I also like that it has wheels, so you could move it around the room.

Photo taken Pinterest 

I love how open this room is and how the dress form has a place all its own.

Photo taken from Pinterest

I really like this vintage style dress form. I also really like the large hatbox.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

And for those who would like to learn how to make your own dress form, here is a link to a great DIY dress form project.

Do you have a dress form? Do you dress it up? Let me know how you style your dress form by leaving a comment below.

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