Links I Love: September

Links I Love

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I am excited to share some of the Links I Love. This month was full of good links — from signs that you’re outgrowing your job to three major investments that won’t don’t cost anything, and fashion movies that will make you feel like you’ve been to fashion week to eight things you’re spending too much money on. Check ’em out! 8 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On and How to Stop {The Everygirl} How do you start your morning? With a cup of coffee, right? And if you go to […]

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10 Things that Require Zero Talent

Ever wonder if you’re talented enough or smart enough for whatever you want to do with you life? Well, there are at least 10 things that require zero talent. Let’s take a look at them, shall we? {Image borrowed from Pinterest} Being on Time. My husband always told me, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, then you’re late. If you’re late, then forget about it.” I used to be late for work when I was in PR and was on salary. But he really pressed the issue of being early for my job, because it makes […]

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Must-See TED Talks to Inspire Productivity

There are TED Talks on every topic imaginable by like Arianna Huffington and Tony Robbins to people I have never heard of, but some of the most inspiring, must-see TED Talks for me are the ones about productivity. For example, Nigel Marsh says that “work-life balance is too important to be left in the hands of your employer.” And Arianna Huffington’s recommendation is to get more sleep if you want to succeed. TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and […]

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Quotes from Female Entrepreneurs to Motivate and Inspire You

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. – Coco Chanel, Founder Chanel Last week, I received my Glamour magazine in the mail. In this month’s issue, Jessica Militare interviewed ten remarkable trailblazers in this year’s College Women of the Year. (Click the link to read more about these superstars!) These young ladies are so inspiring, and are set to make quite an impact on our world. There’s something to be said of powerful and empowering female role models, like the ten young ladies named as this year’s College Women of the Year. And there are so many […]

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The Art of Single Tasking

I’m guilty of trying to multi-task so many things that I sometimes end up not hearing people as they are talking to me. I always thought multi-tasking was a good thing, but now I’m thinking that there is an art to single tasking. We are all guilty of trying to do too many things at once, and in some cases, we end up doing a mediocre job on the tasks we were working on. So should you mute-task or single task? In my last employee evaluation, my supervisor praised my ability to multi-task, and commented on how I could complete […]

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