Dinner Party with the Cast of Will & Grace

Will & Grace reboot 2017

For eight seasons, the cast of Will & Grace were a part of my life. Although Will Truman and Grace Adler may have been considered the main characters, I probably enjoyed watching Karen Walker and Jack McFarland just as much, if not more. So when it was announced that they were bringing the show back, I was ecstatic! Since it’s latest premier back at the end of September of this year, I haven’t missed an episode. My love for these characters is why I’ve invited Will, Grace, Jack and Karen to my house for a little {imaginary} dinner party. If you haven’t […]

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Who is on Your Celebrity Crush List?

When I decided to write this particular post about my celebrity crush list, my mind started to flip through that imaginary photo album of all the celebrities that I think meet a certain criteria to even be considered one of my celeb crushes. In my opinion, my celebrity crushes should have these following characteristics: (1) they should be able to make me laugh, or cry, depending on the movie; (2) they should be mesmerizing to watch on-screen, and impressive off-screen; (3) they should be someone I look up to or admire; (4) they should make me feel like they are […]

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My Favorite YouTube Channels to Watch

I don’t subscribe to many YouTube channels, but the few that I do subscribe to, I end up binge watching several videos in one sitting. You wouldn’t consider my YouTube list conventional because I don’t subscribe to the most popular channels on YouTube. I subscribe to these channels because I genuinely like these people, even though I really only know one of these YouTubers IRL. So which YouTubers do I subscribe to and support? Here are my Top 15 {in no particular order}! Chelsea Laura – I met Chelsea at BlogHer #17 in Orlando and thought she was crazy cool […]

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Woman of Style: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet stole Leo DiCaprio’s heart in Titanic and she helped Sir Richard Branson’s mother, Eve, to safety when their house caught on fire on Necker Island. She has acted in dramas as well as romantic comedies, The Holiday being one of my all-time favorites. But to me, she is more than just an actress. She is a role model for women everywhere because she exudes a confidence in herself and in her body, making her this month’s “Woman of Style.” In 2002, she had this to say about doing nude scenes: “I like exposing myself. There’s not an awful […]

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Man of Style: Josh Duhamel

There are Hollywood actors and then there are sexy Hollywood actors, and Josh Duhamel (pronounced “duh-MEL”) is the latter. Raised is Minot, North Dakota, received a B.S. in Biology from Minot State University. He is also married to singer Stacy Ann Fergeson, better known as Fergie, and they have one child, a son named Axl. Not only is Josh sexy, but he is stylishly handsome, making him this month’s “Man of Style.” “When I was a kid, I dreamed about fame, you know, how cool it would be to be in a movie and to be on television. I thought about certain […]

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