Celebrating My #2017BestNine from Instagram

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of the new year. Where has the time gone? I was thinking about last year (like it was so long ago), when I remembered that I posted my #2017BestNine Instagram photos on my IG account. In looking at those nine photos, I realized that they were all photos I posted to promote a blog post I wrote, with the exception of the ninth photo. So as a recap of last year’s “best nine” {I mean, today is #flashbackfriday, am I right?}, I thought I would share the blog posts that match these photos.

2017 Best Nine

1. Wanderlust Wednesday: Grand Canyon and Beyond – The Grand Canyon, in all its majestic glory, is one of the most beautiful places to visit. This got 104 likes.

2. How to Wear White This Summer – I featured several looks, a few from some of my favorite bloggers, who really know how to wear white in the summer. This got 102 likes.

3. Loving the Look of Faux Shearling – I still love faux shearling, and with the temperatures as low as they are here in East Tennessee, a soft shearling coat would feel wonderful right about now! This received 100 likes.

4. Sunday Inspiration: I’m Closer Than I Was Yesterday – I wrote this post in March 2017, when I was feeling a little discouraged as a blogger. And nine months later, I still have those feelings of insecurity. Then I remember that I may not be there yes, but I’m closer today than I was yesterday. This got 88 likes.

5. 50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Know – I wrote this post back in 2014, but it still embodies everything that girls should know about developing healthy habits. It received 74 likes.

6. Oh How I Love Dress Forms – My love of dress forms is deep and very personal. It started a long, long time ago, but became personal when I received an antique dress form for Christmas in 2011. I then began writing my blog in January 2012, featuring my dress form in a weekly outfit post. Apparently lots of people like dress forms, as this received 72 likes.

7. Steal Her Style: Alessandra Ambrosio – I really like this look and would love to re-create it. This got 69 likes.

8. Wanderlust Wednesday: The Happiest Place on Earth – Who would have guessed that Norway was “the happiest place on Earth”, except for the Norwegians? Researching for this post gave me some serious wanderlust dreams of visiting this magical place. It received 69 likes.

9 This last photo was not a blog post, but just a blog anniversary photo in which I celebrated renaming my blog from “My Life This Year” to “Green Acres Meets Paris.” It received 67 likes.

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