Six TV Characters with Wardrobes I’d Love to Steal

There are TV characters and then their are fashionable TV characters. I love it when a TV character is just as well known for their wardrobe as they are for their character the portray on the show.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City? For me, it’s her enviable walk-in closet {can we say #closetgoals?}, with all those clothes and all those shoes. Same thing goes for Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. They both had different styles, and I guarantee everyone one who watched that show either identified their style as a “Blair” or a “Serena”.

So I put together a short-list of six fashionable TV characters whose wardrobe I would love to steal, from their clothes and shoes to their handbags and accessories. I love that all six of these TV characters have a different style, and that they all are trend-setters in their own right.

Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf {Gossip Girl} had two different styles. Blair had a wardrobe that spanned styles, from casual to boho chic to glamorous. Not only did I love her Serena’s eclectic style, but I loved her collection of designer handbags and shoes. Blair’s style was very classically girly {prim and proper}, which I also loved. They say opposites attract, and these two “gossip girls” had wardrobes that I would raid every day of the week. {Woman of Style: Blake Lively}

Carrie Bradshaw {Sex and the City} had, at times, a cooky sense of style, but I loved it and it totally worked for her. She wore tutus and girly dresses. She paired contrasting patterns with ease. She also wore the occasional over-the-top outfit that rocked fashion trends. Carrie also introduced me and many other women to Manolo Blahnik, inducing shoe envy with each new pair of Manolo Blahnik heels she paraded across our TV screens each season.

Olivia Pope {Scandal} has a strong sense of style, with her professional businesswoman attire on full display in every episode. Her coat and handbag collections are amazing. It’s worth watching this TV show just to see what Olivia will be wearing to take care of whatever problem she’s hired to fix. She also has a sublime loungewear collection, worn with the perfectly oversized sweater, as she drinks a large glass of wine.

Wilhelmina Slater {Ugly Betty} was a former supermodel and Creative Director for MODE magazine, so her sense of style came natural to her, especially since designer fashion was readily on hand around every corner of the MODE offices. She was always impeccably dressed and never had a hair out of place. I love how she commanded the screen with each outfit. Her monochromatic outfits were on pointe.

Rachel Green {Friends} was everyone’s friend. Her style, which spanned two decades {the 1990s and 2000s}, changed along with the character. It was only natural for her style to evolve, as she went from a waitress at the coffeehouse Central Perk to an assistant buyer for Bloomingdale’s and then two seasons later, she became a buyer for Ralph Lauren. More than her wardrobe changed from season to season. In fact, women everywhere copied her hairstyle too.

If you really stop to think about it, there are other fashionable TV characters from every decade with great wardrobes. I guess it just depends on which TV character’s style you identify with and whose style you want to mirror.

Which TV character’s wardrobe would you steal? Whose style do you try to copy?

Yours Truly,

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