Dress Form Outfits: Summer Fun

Summer is winding down for most people, but not for me. I don’t have to purchase school supplies or anything like that so, I did something I normally wouldn’t do and made a few {somewhat} impulsive purchases recently, all of which I put on my dress form to show off some fun summer outfits.

Here’s Look #1:

Blue ruffled top with blue jeans, with slides and crossbody bag.
Here’s Look #2:

Blue ruffled top with white jeans, with slides and crossbody bag.
Here’s Look #3:

Paris t-shirt with white jeans, with slides and crossbody bag.
Here’s Look #4:

Another Paris t-shirt with black Bermuda shorts and slides.
Here are the details the outfits:

  1. Who What Wear Chambray Ruffled top from Target {purchased on sale for $6.88}
  2. Forever 21 blue skinny jeans {available in many styles and colors}
  3. G by Giuliana x Alice Through the Looking Glass white jeans from HSN {no longer available}
  4. DolceVita slides from Target {purchased on sale for $11.48}; check out their Instagram
  5. EveryWear Graphic Paris t-shirt from Old Navy {$14.99}
  6. EveryWear Graphic A Tale of Two Cities t-shirt from Old Navy {$14.99}
  7. Patricia Nash Cassini Tibetian Lamb Fur Crossbody {purchased at the Sample Sale a few weeks ago}
  8. Bermuda shorts {don’t remember where I purchased them, but similar styles are available here and here}

Everything but the two pairs of jeans were recent impulsive purchases. I went Target just to look and ended up with the Chambray ruffled top and the slides. If I’m being honest, the top is not really my style, but I’m trying to expand my style repertoire. Also, I have been looking for some slides for summer and these kind of work for me. {I even wrote a blog about the slides I really like.} The left slide is a bit tighter than the right slide, but I’m sure that will work itself out.

The two graphic t-shirts from Old Navy are totally up my alley. First of all, they are Paris-themed and well, duh, my blog is named “Green Acres Meets Paris.” Second of all, they are totally adorable and super soft. I actually wore the black t-shirt this past weekend and it was light and comfortable.

As for the blue jeans, I love how comfortable and stylish the jeans from Forever 21 are that I have purchased several pairs of their skinny jeans. I bought the white jeans because they were (1) on sale on HSN, and (2) they were G by Giuliana jeans. I already have a pair of Giulana Rancic’s luxe boyfriend jeans, which I ordered from HSN, and they are so comfortable. They definitely are my go-to jeans for everything. The black Bermuda shorts were purchased several years ago, from where I can’t remember, but they are really light and comfortable.

My special purchase for this post is the Patricia Nash Cassini Lamb Fur crossbody bag, which you can read more about in my post about my visit to the Patricia Nash Showroom in Knoxville, TN.

I hope you enjoy seeing these dress form outfits! Until next time…

Yours Truly,

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