Dress Form Outfit: Black Velvet

In December, I styled my dress form in a gold sleeveless Bob Mackie top and three layers of Christmas garland. This month, I’ve gone to the dark side and styled my dress form in a more casual outfit featuring a black velvet fitted blazer and my Patricia Nash crossbody bag.

The weekends are the only time I can really show off my own personal style, mainly because I’m dressed in scrubs during the week {my day job is as a registered medical assistant for a surgeon who wears bow ties, but not while operating; only in the office, seeing patients}.

Dress Form Outfit January 2018
Dress Form Outfit for January 2018

This month’s dress form outfit is totally my style and is something I wear IRL. I do mention the clothing brands in this look, and they are not sponsoring this post {but I wouldn’t turn down any sponsorship or collaboration with these brands, *hint, hint*}. So let’s break down this items featured in this month’s dress form outfit.

The jeans are Lucky Brand. I purchased this pair at the north outlet mall in Las Vegas this past November. I absolutely love Lucky Brand jeans, so much so that after purchasing my first two pair in October while in Nashville, I knew I needed to get more of these Lucky jeans. These are the Lolita Mid-Rise Bootcut. I own two pairs of this style {one pair to wear with flats and the other to wear with heels or platform shoes).

Dress Form Outfit Jan 2018
My Eiffel Tower pin = Green Acres Meets Paris

The top is No Boundaries {from Wal-Mart} and is a sheer sleeveless top with stars. I bought it last summer on the clearance rack, so I think I paid less than $3. I’ve worn it several times. I usually wear a Forever 21 cotton cami underneath it because I’m not brave enough {yet} to wear just my bra or my lace bralette underneath.

Dress Form Outfit 2 January 2018
Date night outfit

The purchased the black velvet jacket several years ago {probably more like 12-15 years ago} and it has just the right amount of stretch to it because I can still wear it to this day {even though I’m slightly curvier today than I was 12-15 years ago}. I found it at a thrift store, and like the majority of my clothes, I liked the way it felt when I tried it on. There was no label in it, which makes it all the more unique. I found the Eiffel Tower lapel pin at Hobby Lobby, and I love pinning it to an outfit to add that extra bit of frosting.

I paired two different kinds of shoes with this outfit. The Converse Chuck Taylor hi-tops can be worn for a casual Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market and then lunch with friends. These shoes were purchased a couple of years ago, again in Las Vegas. They are black herringbone weave with shearling inside. They are super warm and very comfortable, and are no longer available {as far as I can find}. The heels were a gift from a friend who purchased them, tried them on, and ultimately couldn’t walk in them. She passed them on to me, which I have worn on numerous date nights with my hubs.

Dress Form Outfit accessories January 2018
Accessorizing my outfit with a cool purse and some sexy heels.

And finally, I purchased the Patricia Nash grey Tibetan Lamb Fur Cassini crossbody at her showroom in Knoxville. I have used this handbag on several special occasions. {I used it when my husband and I went to see Aaron Watson at the Ryman in Nashville last October.} I walked around with this handbag for probably 45 minutes, just running my fingers through the soft lamb fur. I don’t think it’s available anymore on her website, but she has some really beautiful purses.

Again, none of these brands sponsored this post and it was not done in collaboration with any of these brands I featured on my dress form post. I just really like these brands. They are affordable, stylish, and go perfectly with my aesthetic.

So what do you think of this dress form outfit?

Yours Truly,

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