12 Things to Do on Christmas Day

Christmas is just a couple of days away, and if you’re welcoming family and friends to your home this year, then you’ve most likely got a list of activities to do to keep your guests entertained all day, like exchanging gifts and sharing the Christmas meal with your loved ones.

But if you’re looking for some other things to do on Christmas day, then scroll down for some ideas.

  1. Take photos. And I mean lots of photos! Check out Pinterest for some great photo ideas.
  2. Go ice skating. Find a local ice rink and take the family ice skating.
  3. Go hiking. If the weather is nice, then head outdoors for a hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  4. Have a movie marathon and watch some of the classic Christmas movies. {It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Elf, etc.}
  5. Or go to the movies. There are some great movies out this weekend.
  6. Or catch a show. If you live somewhere like NYC, then catch a Broadway show.
  7. Volunteer. Some soup kitchens and food banks would love to have help serving meals and bringing holiday cheer to those less fortunate.
  8. Drive around and look at Christmas lights. {My grandma Lashlee loved to do this.}
  9. If you are not able to spend the holiday with family, then call them and wish them a Merry Christmas.
  10. Write “Thank You” letters to family and friends {to anyone who has given you a gift}.
  11. Sing some Christmas carols.
  12. Play some board or card games. {Spades, anyone?}

There are dozens of other things to do on Christmas day, but most importantly, make sure to tell your family and friends that you love them. Spend time talking with them, sharing memories of past Christmases, and planning future get-togethers.

Wherever you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day!

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Yours Truly,

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P.S. Check out my post from last year for ideas on how to add some sparkle to wardrobe or read about my dinner party with the cast of my favorite holiday movie, Love Actually.

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