Links I Love: November

Links I Love

With the Thanksgiving holiday less than a week away, I decided to post the “links I love” a week earlier this month because I wanted to share some links I’m loving this month, from secrets to packing and holiday traditions to travel alerts/warnings to

First up is “The Secret to Packing for Thanksgiving”, from Damsel in Dior, a.k.a. Jacey Dupree. Thanksgiving provides people with the opportunity to take an extra long weekend trip and if you’re like me, you tend to overpack or pack unnecessary items that you end up not wearing or using. Jacey put together a great list of items to pack that you can mix and match from day to night.

Links I Love holiday packing

Keeping some past traditions alive is just as important as making new traditions. The Glitter Guide put together a “how-to” post on creating your own holiday traditions. It could be as simple as sending out holiday cards or trying a new recipe at Thanksgiving. Whatever your plans are for this holiday season, embrace the past traditions of your family and make new traditions with your friends.

Links I Love holiday traditions

My husband doesn’t eat a lot of pumpkin foods, which is why I’m making a cherry cheesecake pudding dessert to take to my parent’s house for an early Thanksgiving dinner with my family. If you’re not into pumpkin pie, or anything pumpkin-related, then you’re sure to love this list of desserts for Thanksgiving that aren’t pumpkin pie from The Everygirl. My favorites are the carrot cake mini doughnuts, five-ingredient graham cracker toffee, mini strawberry swirl cheesecakes, and snickerdoodle cobbler.

Links I Love holiday desserts

I met Katie Lee, of Pearls and Twirls, last week and I think I hid my fan-girl from her fairly well. I just adore her style, which is why I love this link to her blog about what to wear for Thanksgiving. I also love these outfit ideas from Living in Yellow.

And finally, Insure My Trip has complied a great page for travelers of all types, especially those who need to, or plan to, travel into some more unstable places. “This is useful for people on humanitarian missions, church organizations, archeologists, historians, biologists, medical workers, visiting professors, and adventure travelers.¬†We want all of these travelers to have as much information as possible before they take their actual trip.” The Travel Alerts and Warnings page covers everything¬†from understanding what the difference is between Travel Alerts and Warnings, when these are issued, when they are updated.

What holiday traditions do you look forward to when you get together with your family or friends?

Do you plan to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday? If so, what are your packing tips for a long weekend?

In planning your Thanksgiving outfit, do you tend to select an outfit that is more casual or dressy?

Do you like pumpkin pie? If not, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Show these bloggers some love by checking out their links, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Yours Truly,

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