30 Things I’m Grateful For

November is the month that really makes me think about what I’m thankful for, which is why I decided to write down a list of “30 things I’m grateful for” – one for every day of the month. I mean, I love the month of October, because it’s the month I got married. And I love the month of December, because it’s the month we celebrate Christmas.

But I think November gets a bad wrap. Not only is it the month of Thanksgiving, but everyone dreads the weight gain from all the food between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and people can get downright mean trying to get those Black Friday deals.

There are some people who get excited about Christmas by the end of September when some stores start putting out Christmas decorations. I on the other hand, bang my hands on the table and raise my voice, loudly proclaiming, “Let’s take one holiday at a time, folks!”

October = Halloween
November = Thanksgiving
December = Christmas

So now that October is over and Halloween is behind us, why not focus on November and Thanksgiving? Just do this one exercise with me and write down 30 things you’re thankful for and keep them posted somewhere that you will see it every day this month. Remind yourself of the things and/or people for which you are grateful. They can be silly or serious, but let them be unique to you.

So here’s my list — my “30 things to be grateful for”…

  1. First and foremost, I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, Mike, and two fur-babies, Daisy and Doc. Together we make the perfect little family.
  2. I’m grateful for my loving and supportive family {too many to name, and I don’t want to leave anyone out}, but mainly my mom and dad, Virginia and Jerry Howard.
  3. I’m extremely thankful for my awesome co-workers — Cindy A., Tresa, Cindy F., Tim, Susan, Natasha, Karen, Dottie, Toni, Rebekah, Tamara; and the doctors — Dr. Gibson, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Brown, Dr. Williams, Dr. Campbell; and the PAs — Casey J. and Michelle J.
  4. My new friends – Pamela, Rupi, and Dawn. Our time at BlogHer #16 was amazing!
  5. The relaxation I feel after a good walk along Melton Lake or after a calming session of BeachBody yoga.
  6. Home-cooking, a.k.a., food made with love.
  7. Reading a well-written, heart-warming article in a magazine.
  8. Seeing my friends meet a goal they set for themselves, like losing weight or buying their first home.
  9. The exciting of planning a Thanksgiving trip.
  10. Cuddling with Daisy and hearing her snore.
  11. Sitting on my front porch to watch the sunset, or watch the cows mingle across the road on a Saturday morning.
  12. When I open my mailbox and there is a new magazine {or two, or three} waiting for me!
  13. Anything with the Eiffel Tower or Paris-themed {because, duh… my blog is “Green Acres Meets Paris”}.
  14. Dreams that have the potential to become reality.
  15. A well-written move or book that can make me laugh uncontrollably or tug at my heartstrings and makes me cry.
  16. Accents, especially British, Irish, Scottish, or French.
  17. Other bloggers I find inspiring {Damsel in Dior, The Ambitionista, Girls on Food, Love of Mode, Urs Truly Sandra, and others}.
  18. Stylish booties that are also comfortable.
  19. The smell of pumpkin spiced food or drinks.
  20. Reeses peanut butter cups.
  21. A good hair day.
  22. An unexpected hug from a friend.
  23. Holding hands with Mike.
  24. A heartfelt compliment.
  25. A pair of jeans that fit just right!
  26. Discovering a great piece of clothing {enter designer name here} at a second-hand or thrift store.
  27. The butt-warmers in my VW.
  28. A great song that sticks in my head all day long.
  29. Seeing a random act of kindness, and then paying it forward.
  30. And finally, I’m grateful for everything in my life. It seems a little “generic” to say something like that, but it’s true.

So what are you grateful for? Did you write your own list of 30 things you’re thankful for? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re thankful for {and yes, I’m going to end this sentence with a preposition}.

Want to read other “thankful” lists? Then check out Real Simple, LifeHack, A Life of Productivity, and Meant to be Happy.

Yours Truly,

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